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Adapting to a new Doctor

As I reached the end of season 1 of the new production of Doctor Who, I was a bit upset.  Here I was, 13 episodes in to a show that I was quickly falling in love with, and now I need to adjust to a new Doctor.  I know what you’re probably thinking… there have already been nine regenerations of the Doctor, so get used to it already.  But I started my Doctor Who journey with Chris Eccleston, so to me, he IS the Doctor.  (note: I fully intend to backtrack when I complete the current 6 seasons)

It also didn’t help where at the end of the episode they showed the regeneration to David Tennant.  It’s silly, but I had an issue with the physical differences.  As they say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  I should have taken this advice.  Instead I spent the first episode with David Tennant dwelling on the fact that he simply looked different.  When instead I should have been realizing how great he is as the Doctor.

Now, only 3 episodes into David Tennant as the Doctor and I can’t imagine anyone else.  He’s perfect.  I find myself diving deeper into each plot line, appreciating a more emotional approach.  I realize that this may not have happened if he hadn’t taken over.  Of course, I know I’m just setting myself up for another roller coaster of possible disappointment followed by hopeful acceptance when the time comes for Tennant to take a bow and make way for Doctor number 11.  In the meantime, I shall savor each Tennant episode.

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Introducing The Doctor

Growing up, I had no idea who Doctor Who was, nor did I understand just how long Doctor Who had been an important part of the Sci Fi genre.  In fact, just the other day the topic of Doctor Who came up in conversation with my mother and she had no idea what I was talking about.  So much of what you are exposed to as a kid depends on your own parents’ interest.  Which is why I grew up knowing lyrics to Phil Collins songs instead of the time traveling adventures of the Doctor.

Eventually, my knowledge of the Doctor went from completely nonexistent to at least knowing that it exists and that it’s a thing.  And my knowledge remained that vague for quite some time.  One day, I found myself browsing through the Netflix watch instant choices for TV and stumbled upon it.  I added it to my queue as a “one day I’ll get to it” option.  Finally, after a period of time in which I really started to grasp my love for Sci Fi and fantasy genres, I introduced the Doctor into my life.  The rest is history.

My best friend informed me that the first season might feel a little slow, or a little silly, or however he tried to explain it to me.  And that if I held on until season 2 it would really start to sink in.  However, I didn’t need to “hang in there” for the first season.  I was right on board after episode 1.  Sure, it is a little silly at first, and the production quality is much lower at the beginning, but I didn’t need high quality production or complex relationships to hold my attention.  The premise of Doctor Who, alone, is what pulled me in.

Here I am, a few episodes into season 2 and I finally see what people were talking about.  The tone of the show changes as is to be expected with a new Doctor.  But also the production quality rose as the show gained momentum.  It’s a little darker now, and David Tennant isn’t quite as goofy as season one’s Chris Eccleston.  All of which is increasingly hooking me into the series.

For all the veteran Doctor Who devotees out there, don’t worry, I am well aware that while this series is labeled as season 1 and 2 etc… it’s actually starting with season 27.  I am not forgetting that the original existed and I fully intend to view every single Doctor Who installment and promise to document it all as I go.

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