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The Doctor gets Emotional: Part 1

The last two episodes of Doctor Who that I watched really pulled at my heart strings.  Those episodes were School Reunion and The Girl in the Fireplace.  I’m going to split this topic into two posts, one for each episode.  Up first, School Reunion.

As I said before, I am starting my Doctor Who education with the current BBC production. So when Sarah Jane made an appearance at the beginning of the episode, I wasn’t really sure what was happening, however, I quickly caught up to who she was.  I was first struck by the Doctor’s level of enthusiasm over seeing her again.  And later when Sarah Jane discovers the Tardis and truly reunites with the Doctor, the episode took on a tone that I hadn’t really seen yet in any other episode in the series.

In the episodes I had seen so far, the story seemed to follow the same course.  Travel to a new place, uncover a problem, save the world in the face of total destruction, hop back in the Tardis and leave for the next place.  But all of a sudden, with Sarah Jane back in the picture, you finally see a different side to the characters, you see a little into their hearts.

Sarah Jane felt abandoned.  She had waited so many years for the Doctor to return for her. She was confused and unable to move on with her life without knowing any answers.  Her heart was broken.

On the other end of it, you get to see how immortality plagues the Doctor.  He tells Rose, while she can spend the rest of her life with him, he cannot spend the rest of his life with her.  No matter how attached he may get to a companion, he knows it eventually must come to and end, but that he will continue on.

This is something that had crossed my mind earlier.  I wondered how long Rose would stay with him.  Wouldn’t she eventually grow old and no matter how close they may get, it can’t last forever.  It was refreshing and a bit sad to witness the outcome of that issue.  To see that while the adventures are exciting and invigorating, they cannot exist without emotion.  I’m glad that the writers addressed this.  And while bitter sweet, I’m glad that Sarah could finally get some closure… (and eventually her own series)




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