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Finished Book 1 of The Kingkiller Chronicle

Last night I finished The Name of the Wind, Book 1 in The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss.  And what a great way to leave me hanging until the next book.  I was actually expecting to be left with a huge cliff hanger, but instead, Rothfuss dangled relatively small yet important pieces of information in front of me.  Information that immediately started to swell in my mind, wondering where it would lead the story next.

There were little bits of information, such as Kvothe declaring to his friends that Denna is best left as a friend for now, for fear of scaring her off.  We finally get to see Kvothe break into the Archives, however, we won’t know until the next book what he might find in there.  And biggest of all was that even though he has recently risen in the ranks of the University, Ambrose will calculate his revenge soon enough which will result in Kvothe leaving the University.  All information that has me truly curious as to what is in his path next.

Rothfuss’ last chapter in the book finally gives a little insight into Bast, a character that has, until now, remained a huge mystery.  Bast gives us a hint of insight into the current state of Kvothe’s psyche when he warns Chronicler as to what he should and should not say in front of Kvothe.  It will be very interesting to see just exactly what has led Kvothe into his current state of depression, and whether or not he will break free from that.

I’ll be getting book 2, The Wise Man’s Fear, today and after starting it tonight I plan on having many updates as I read on.

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The Name of the Wind

Recently, my friend Tim suggested I read The Name of the Wind (NOTW).  He mentioned it awhile back when book 2 in the series came out, saying that it had been awhile since he was this excited for an installment of a book series to be released.  Soon after I was preparing for vacation and decided to load it on my kindle for the trip.

It had been awhile since I read anything in the serious fantasy genre and what really struck me at first was how modern the writing was and how quickly I was pulled into the story.  It is told as a split story, first in the current time where Kote is running an inn, and second as Kote is recalling his story as a child, Kvothe, to the Chronicler.

Another thing worth mentioning is the difference in which magic is used in this story.  In Harry Potter, the characters are wizards with magical powers.  There is no explanation as to where that magic is conjured from.  However, in NOTW, magic is scientific.  All “magic” can be taught and all magic comes from logic and energy.  It’s an interesting and refreshing perspective on a concept that used so often.

At three quarters my way through book 1 I can honestly say I have not only enjoyed the story but get excited about reading more. I will have much more to come on specific NOTW topics and can’t wait for book 2.


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