Better Production Equals A Better Doctor

Let’s face it, the bigger your budget, the better your show is going to be.  The latest production of Doctor Who is no exception.  While the tone of each story is relatively the same, the increase in production quality from season 1 to season 2 really allows the characters to go from cheesy to compelling.

I’ll start with my very first introduction to Doctor Who with the episode “Rose.”  Aliens in this episode are walking mannequins and the hungry trash can that kidnapped Mickey.  In the episode  “The End of the World,” the steward of Platform One looks like a member of Blue Man group wandered on set wearing a robe and hat.  The aliens were a bit silly and made for a lighter feel for each episode

Now, fast forward to episode 2 of season 2, “Tooth and Claw.”  The Doctor and Rose travel back in time for an accidental visit with Queen Victoria and must save the group from a werewolf.  In the next episode, “School Reunion” where they must save the school from an invasion by the Krillitane’s.

Right off the bat you can tell that the production budget for season 2 was much larger, probably because of gained popularity of the new show.  This allowed not only for the technology to be greater, creating better aliens, but also allowed for the show to get a bit darker, a bit scarier, and definitely more addicting.


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